Surfing the biggest waves at Praia do Norte, Portugal Nº1

Atualizado: 22 de Mar de 2019

Ok, it had to be done :) I had a vision, an idea that just popped in my head. And now it must be done!

I filled a bag with my children's smallest toys and I brought it to the shop (of course they have no clue about it).

I had my natural soap Nazaré Bar made the day before. It was ready to be unmolded, and I was pretty anxious to start my work/vision.

I got my setting ready, my soap bar and the little toys.

I placed the little toys on my soap bar surfing the biggest wave on earth (record set by surfer Garret McNamara)

I took some pictures.

I edited the photos.

And I laughed.

A lot :)

All by myself :)

Our first surfer is Miss Unicron!

It was a delightful experience! Very experienced and very calm throught all of the session!

Every Friday I will be posting new pictures of the little toys surfing the biggest waves at Praia do Norte.

Who would you like to see surfing the big waves?

Mickey Pig Octopus Smurfette

(options limited to little toys available).

I hope you will enjoy these photos just as much as I did :)

Our soap Nazaré is back in stock, check it out over here:

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