Surfing the biggest waves at Praia do Norte, Portugal Nº2

Atualizado: 22 de Mar de 2019

Today is Friday and we are going surfing!

I heard that there are favourable conditions for the big waves to be forming within the next few day (it was Garret McNamara that posted information) and now let's see who is the next corageous surfer that will ride the biggest waves at our beautiful beach Praia do Norte, Portugal.

Today it is Polvo (Octopus) that is surfing the waves!

It was a great session, everything went smoothly (I think it isn't the first time that Polvo does this).

Who would you like to see next surfing the big waves?

Pig Smurfette Dinosaur Alien

(options limited to little toys available).

I hope you will enjoy these photos just as much as I did :)

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