Take Care of Yourself, It is your responsibility

Atualizado: 22 de Mar de 2019

We know how important it is to include healthy routines in our daily activities to have a healthy life, healthy body, healthy mind and healthy skin. 

Eating well, sleeping well, exercising and good skin care should be in everyone's daily habbits.

If you don't have these habbits in your life, you should make an effort to start them because they will truely bring you positive and healthy results (more energy, more confidence, more health).

Most of us forget about having a healthy skin care routine. Especially when you work a full-time job and have children.

We forget about ourselves too often and we think "There are more important things to be done... The dishes, the ironing, washing clothes, the kids!" Or we are too tired and just want to relax...

Also, a healthy skin care routine doesn't need to be very elaborate (5 minutes is enough) and you definitely don't need a cabinet full of beauty products! 

So, Serradas Sabão Original and Banana Fields would like to offer all women the opportunity to feel good about themselves and to spend more time with themselves (alone :) ).

We have created a special kit, with products crocheted by hand with 100% cotton, which will make you want to take care of yourself and dedicate some time for yourself. You know, you deserve some attention from yourself too :) 

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