Choose the short side panels width for mold (80mm, 60mm, 50mm or 40mm).
With this Soap Mold Kit Adventure it is possible to make one bar of soap 
with the maximum following dimensions: 210mmx80x80mm (equals about 8 bars of soap with 2.5cm thickness).

Total capacity oils + water/lye is 1.340 kg.

It is possible to adjust the side panels to the follwing positions: 36mm, 72mm, 108mm, 140mm, 176mm and 210mm (changing the soap bar length).


With the soap cutter option, the mold base is longer and it is possible to use the soap mold to guide and cut soap with dfferent thickness: 3cm, 2.5cm and 2cm thickness. The wire cutter is not included.
By changing the short side panels it is possible to make different width soaps: 80mm 60mm, 50mm and 40mm (extra parts sold separately).

Always place the soap mold on a table or flat surface, for soaping and for storage


Acrylic thickness 6mm


Soap Mold Kit Adventure

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  • To clean the acrylic mold use warm water and a sponge or cloth.Do not use alcohol or detergents with alcohol (ex: window detergent) to clean acrylic parts.

    Do not spray mold with alcohol.

    Do not use for melt and pour.

    Mold indicated for Cold Process Soap, CPOP and Hot Process.
    Oven temperatures maximum 80ºC.


  • - Silicone Base Liner

    - 2 Dowel pins

    - 10 elastics

    - Mold base 

    - 2 long side panels

    - 2 short side panel (width soap - choose from 40mm, 50mm, 60mm or 80mm)

    - Soap remover