Hearts! What a beautiful way to let someone special know what they mean to you!


Stamping your soaps is an easy way to add morelife to your soaps!

Stamp Hearts01

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  • When stamping your soap, the softness/hardness of the soap and even the soap recipe can greatly influence your stamping.

    I usually stamp my soaps on the same day that I cut them or within the next 2 days (depends on how soft the soap is). You don't want to stamp the soap if it is too soft, and you don't want to stamp it when it is too hard either! With practice you will also begin to know when it is best to stamp!

    Some soaps can be directly stamped with perfect results and other recipes might need some tricks. For example, brushing oil (ex: almond oil) on top of the stamp will help release the stamp from the soap and leave a better definition of the stamped area.

    You can also brush some sparkle or mica added to oil (ex: almond oil) to your stamping area to get a nice coloured depression.


    Don't use alcohol on your acrylic stamps/parts.

    Alcohol damages acrylic.

    Clean with warm water, cloth and soap detergent.