Lavanda Caramel - Cold Process Soap

Hello Soaper Friends!

When I have too many things to do, I find it easier to write down everything I have to do and then schedule my days accordingly to get everything done. Either I am very optimistic when I plan my things out, or I am very slow when I have to do them because there is rarely a day where I finish everything I was supposed too :) I like to think that by nature I am an optimisitic person and not slow :)

I keep another sheet where I write down all the ideas that pop-up into my head so that I can do them later.

So, I have a few To-do sheets - some are about soap, others about stamps, mold ideas, marketing ideas,... the list is long and there are too many sheets on my desk now :)

But, there are days, even with so many things "to-do", I still don't know what to do :) That is why it helps to plan each day (I do it on Mondays) and I plan my week. I also like to keep certain days for a subject: Monday´s are to Soap; Tuesday's for Laser Ideas;...

This week I am writing to share one of my last soaps, my Caramel Lavanda.

I chose the colours White (Titanium Dioxide), Purple (Ultramarine Violet) and Pink (liquid pink) to get the look I was looking for.

This soap was inspired from watching Handmade in Florida Lovely Lavender (it was on my Soap To-do list).

I wanted most of the saop to be white with some drops of purple and pink.

I was a bit nervous about using so much white because my last soap turned out a wreck with so many glycerin rivers:

I was pretty sure the reason of the glycrein rivers was because I had my lye water a little higher than usual (40ºC and I usually wait until 30-35ºC).

So, I made sure to wait a little longer with this soap, until my lye water and oils where at least at 35ºC.

My recipe:

Olive Oil 30%

Palm Oil 30%

Coconut Oil 20%

Almond Oil 9%

Shea Butter 6%

Castor Oil 5%

Lavander EO

Fragrance Violet Caramel

I have used this recipe before and it makes a wonderful bar of soap, nice and creamy.

My skin type is dry and very sensitive.

I pre-mix all of my colours before. My Titanium Dioxide is water soluble and so is my Ultramarine Violet (flat pigment). The pink colour I added directly to the soap batch (1/5 of the soap batch) because it is a liquid colouring.

I divided my batches of soap:

- 3/5 White

- 1/5 Ultramarine Purple

- 1/5 Pink

I add the fragrance after my colours are mixed (if the fragrance accelerates the soap batch I have less things to do and can pour quickly).

I decorated the top of the soap with some gold mica mixed with almond oil and made some swirls on the top of the soap.

I made a little video making and cutting this soap:

I'd love to know what you think about this soap!

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Take care and Happy Soaping,


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