Stamping Soap

Hello Soapers :)

Stamping seems to be a pretty easy thing to do, until the day you do it. Then you realize that there are different factors that play an important role to get a perfect stamped soap.

The soap recipe and the hardness/softness of the bar will greatly affect the final results.

But it seems like there are other factors too.

I know that my soaps are stamped better after 2 or 3 days after they were cut. If I stamp them when the soap is too soft, some of the soap can stay stuck to the stamp.

A recipe with a higher percentage of hard oils can be stamped on the same day they are cut (unmolded, cut and stamped 24 hours after pouring). Other soap recipes with higher percentages of soft oils should be stamped only 2,3 or more days after they are cut.

In the images below there is an example of a soap stamped with a high percentage of soft oils and another soap with high percentage of hard oils.

Other than your recipe, it seems that adding different ingredients will also affect the stamping.

Below is an image of a soap I stamped 3 days after it was cut.

The soap was all made on the same day, same minute. The only difference is that half of the batch is white and the other half is black.

For the white I added White Mica and for the black I added Activated Charcoal.

When I stamped the soap, the white part was perfect while the black part pulled a little soap when I unmolded the stamp.

I found this interesting enoughto write a post about :)

When stamping your soap, you can also brush some almond oil on your stamp to help the stamp release from the soap. But most important is how hard your soap is and the recipe ingredients.

Very important: Do not spray acrylic stamps with alcohol, especially laser cut stamps. Alcohol attacks acrylic with time, and laser cut acrylic is even more "sensitive" to alcohol.

All of the stamps from Designer Soap Tools are laser cut.

Do you have any tricks when you stamp your soaps?

I would love to hear them :)

Have a great weekend,


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