Designer Soap Tools Mascot Soap

Hello Soapers!

How are you doing? I hope all is well :)

Here in Portugal times were tough this weekend. Big enormous fires that killed people (37 people until the moment), destroyed homes and our beautiful forest. One of the forest fires was 15km from our home :( So sad :( Our politics will do nothing about it, I can't understand why?...

Back to soaping, thinking of positive ideas.

I made a quick video of a soap I made that turned out to be a great mascot for Designer Soap Tools, at least I think so :)

I didn't have any of this planned, I just wanted to make a soap with the colours white, black and yellow (it seems so obvious now but I really didn't have this planned lol). Probably unconsciously it was planned, I don't know, our minds think of things we sometimes don't understand but with time we understand them.


Olive oil 30%

Palm oil (bio) 25%

Coconut oil 20%

Avocado oil 10%

Shea butter 7%

Casotr oil 5%

Cocoa butter 3%


White - white mica

Black - activated cahrcoal

Yellow - liquid pigment

The white and black I premix with some water to help disperse the particles.

Water works much better than oil, at least for me it has.

NOTE: There are pigments that are water soluble or oil soluble.




Technique used: A simple drop swirl. Alternating colours and pouring from high (aim well before pouring). Trace should be medium. Too thick a trace and the soap batter will plop onto each layer, and it won't break the layer, staying on top.

I then topped the soap with some piping, to give it a different look from my regular soaps :)

Here is the video:

What do you think?

I love the way it turned out <3

I now have a new idea to make another soap!

It will be posted soon :)

Take care and Happy soaping :)


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