Shampoo Bar - Hot Process

Hello Soapers!

I have been making hot process shampoo for about 3 months now.

I have a recipe that you can find below in this post.

I used Liz Ardlady's recipe, with some modifications. You can find the original recipe here.

I made some modifications because I wanted to add Neem Oil to the shampoo bar and also because I didn't have all of the ingredients she listed.

I always run my recipe through Soap Calc to calculate the lye quantity.

Because I modified the original recipe, I ran Liz Ardlady's original recipe to get the Soap Bar Quality and then I ran my recipe and tried to get the values as close as possible between the original recipe and my changed recipe.

One of the major differences in her recipe, is that instead of adding lye to the water, apple cider vinagre (ACV) is used instead of water.

My recipe Hot Process Shampoo bar is:

Sunflower oil 50%

Coconut oil 33%

Castor oil 7%

Neem seed oil 5%

Cocoa butter 5%

Add at the end when the hot process Shampoo is ready:

- Superfat 3%:

Jojoba oil

Avocado oil

EO (there are many EO's great for hair)

- Lavander EO

ACV (apple cider vinager)

- The rest of the 23% ACV

*When you begin your shampoo, when adding the lye to the ACV (apple cider vinager), use only 67% of the ACV.

The other 23% of ACV will be added at the end when your hot process shampoo is ready to be scooped in the mold.

Let soap cure for about 1 week or more (1 week is enough for Hot Process Soaps/Shampoos).

I had already used soap as shampoo and I found it very drying for my hair.

I like the way this shampoo bar bubbles up nicely and how it leaves my hair clean and not drying.

After shower I also do an ACV rinse.

Do you have any shampoo bar recipes that you love? Would you like to share your recipe too? I really love sharing and learning from fellow soapers!

Oh! The acrylic soap mold I use is the Soap Mold Kit FUN - yes, this mold can be used for hot process, cold process and CPOP!

Take care and Happy Soaping!


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