Did you smell the vinegar?

If you passed by our store today between 12h00 and 12h30, you probably smelled the vinager. Apple vinegar to be more accurate.

At the store (and at home) we use apple vinegar and old newspaper sheets to clean the windows. The final result is beautiful shiny windows, with no synthetic chemicals which is great for mother earth and for the air we breath.

Would you like to share some of your natural techniques that you use in place of using synthetic products?

Apple vinegar and some of its benefits: - health (diabetes, cholesterol...); - it helps to lose wieght; - helps to keep our body's pH level more alkaline; - great for house cleaning (disinfectant); - can be used for hair conditioner (using 50% water + 50% apple vinager spray on hair for 2 minutes and rinse off); - it can be used to wash fruit and vegeatbles (disinfectant).

#betterlife #naturalcleaningproducts #applevinegar

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